On behalf of the Committee of the Chicago Palestine Film Festival (CPFF), I would like to to thank you for being a part of the Chicago Palestine Film Festival. By being a part of this you are a part of our story. We are grateful because you make our story richer, and more interesting. Thank you.

We are film festival with a simple mission – Tell the stories of the Palestinian people. Everyday I get asked the question “Why does the film festival matter?” It’s a question I often ponder. My team and I work so hard to bring you a few hours of entertainment, but to us its more than that. It’s a reaffirmation of identity. For a people who’s culture, voice, and livelihood are threatened everyday it is an affirmation that we exist and we are more than what we have been defined as. We create our own definitions and our own realities. We are intelligent, unexpected, and timeless. Even more than that we are human and our stories are the universal stories of love laughter and tears.

We are not the victims, but the survivors, and despite the hardships that the Palestinian people endure we are creators. We create art, inspire hope, and stay true. Help us share our story- because our story is also yours.

Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors, donors, and The Gene Siskel Film Center School of Art in Chicago, without you we would not be the world’s longest running Palestinian Film Festival in the world.

Jameeleh Shelo

Executive Director
Chicago Palestine Film Festival.