Chicago Palestine Film Festival

Welcome to the Chicago Palestine Film Festival (CPFF) website! We are excited to begin our 17th year of the longest running Palestinian Film Festival of its kind in the world. Since 2001, CPFF has grown to be a renown non-political, non-profit organization sharing the stories of Palestine to a social justice organization that works tirelessly to improve the lives of Palestinian people both here and abroad.

We are the original storytellers of Palestine and our mission is to reflect Palestine and its culture through the vision of its artists. CPFF promotes films about Palestine and by Palestinian directors. We are honored to have presented Oscar nominated films such as “Paradise Now” and “Omar” by Hany Abu-Assad as well “5 Broken Cameras” by Emad Burnat. We are also proud to have represented an award-winning film director Najwa Najjar whose film “Eyes of a Thief” was our 2015 sold-out opening night film. Those are just a few of the many talented filmmakers that we come across.

Our success not only comes from great films from amazing artists, but it comes from a team of dedicated volunteers who work year round to put on an incredible film festival. We believe Palestine is synonymous with strength and we love to showcase strong, proud Palestinians. Our team of volunteers is diverse, but dedicated.


CPFF is committed to showcasing the best films to our loyal audience. We invite you to be part of our story and sharing it with the world. We invite you to be part of our audience that enjoys these entertaining films that make you laugh, cry, feel inspired, encouraged, informed, angry, or have you sit on the edge of your seat. We invite you to be part of the journey. Explore, enjoy and get inspired!